Beverly, MA

Branding, Wayfinding, Specialty Graphics & Exhibit Design

Primary goals for Axcelis (formerly Eaton Semiconductor) were to create an environmental graphics system that was visually rich, highly functional and complementary to both the contemporary architecture of the new corporate headquarters and the new Axcelis brand identity. Three dimensional graphics were created to reinforce corporate philosophy [ get propulsion, fusion, accelerated gain, in the know ] and showcase Axcelis’ commitment to creating an innovative workplace of the        highest quality.

Design development of the sign graphics system drew primarily upon architecture cues and new branding standards for typography and color. Corporate branding is expressed throughout this three-dimensional system – as an identifier on campus directional signs, on primary site identification signs and on the main entry canopy. Satin stainless steel, curved/rounded metal surfaces, perforated metal and bright yellow armatures support sleek “Axcelis” blue/matte black sign panels. Satin silver graphics combined with bright accent colors maintain an elegant and consistent design vocabulary from the exterior to inside      the facility.


IDC/Industrial Design Corporation architecture, interior design

Design Communications Ltd. custom fabrication