68 New York Avenue Framingham, MA

Wayfinding, Branding & Exhibit Design

Signs and graphics for this project were developed with the goal of setting a higher design standard for this research facility, including pursuit of LEED Gold certification, while complementing the site, architecture and interior design. Design development of the system drew upon this signature building’s architectural forms, finishes and colors: extruded beams, satin aluminum, zinc, white metal finishes and bright orange accent color. These informed design of the sign armatures with form, finish and color incorporated into sign faces, bases, accent bands and mounting posts.

Upon entering the lobby of 68 New York Avenue, a luminous, dimensional logo on a brightly colored accent wall greets the visitor. Mounted on the left is a series of display panels with photo images of Genzyme patients from around the world. The aesthetic sensibility of the exterior is extended into the interior spaces, using a sleek neutral palette of matte black information panels with satin aluminum armatures and restrained used of the bright orange accent color. As part of new interior sign standards, Gamble Design developed custom retail graphics for serving stations in the cafeteria.


ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge architecture, interior design

Gilbane construction management

Design Communications Ltd. custom fabrication

Genzyme Science Center (2008)
49 New York Avenue
Framingham, MA

Exterior Wayfinding & Branding